A Man of Many…

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Perceptive Gaming

Damsel in Distress

I do not know how you guys feel about this but I think Jeets has some messed up dreams. That is the UGLIEST Damsel in Distress I have ever seen. All I have to say is, thank you Art Team for the laugh. Now I do not feel so bad about killing her.. umm… him. I do not know. Whatever, at least that is off my conscience.

Anyways, today I shall talk about Changes, Friends, and Family. I know I know. Trust me, it is not my goal to bore you to death, but hey! This is MY My.DDO. I will talk about whatever shenanigans I want!  Within Turbine rules of course. ^.^

Why I want to talk about this… well, I just changed Guilds Recently! I am now a member of Lost Legions on Sarlona! Within my first day, I loved it! It was a guild right up my alley, with everything I was looking for in a guild. However, it is a sour sweet feeling. I did not leave Griffons Nest cause I hated it, In fact, I loved it! It had been my home for probably a few years now since the Guild changes when my old guild was pretty much disbanded. I love the people in it and have grown attached to them. I have grown so much since joining them becoming the great player that I am, and I have them to thank for that! Of course, now I am at that point where I desire a new playstyle, one more Guild focused with High End raids and such and Lost Legions is a fun pack of players that I can do that with!

Anyways, with this new Guild switch I have must stop and ponder on my past friends and fellow Guildmates who made gaming so much fun for me. Not just Griffons Nest and Lost Legions. P I N O Y, for whom I may not understand you guys half of the time, and do not always get to play with you guys cause you live halfway across the world, I do enjoy running with you guys and am proud to call myself an Honorary member! One of these days, when I TR back into my monk, Ill have to come tank for you guys so you bunch of gimps aren’t being wiped by Lloth and such. Heh heh. Much Love.

A E Q U I T A S, You already know I love you guys, cause I have to. You are family, but man.. if you dont stop sending me tells while I am trying to quest about how to do this and that… I am going to come over there and beat you! You know who you are. Haha. For every tell you send, will be every day you will have to do my chores. LOL. You know I am kidding. I am glad you got yourself into the game with me, little brother.

Griffons Nest, of course! Every member will always have a place in my heart and I dont expect any one of you to shy away from hanging with me and running some quest! You know I will always have your back! Griffons old and new, through and through.

Then Lost Legions, I look forward to our future endeavors! DRINK TILL WE DROP THEN DRINK SOME MORE!

I have updated my Character bio to reflect this.

Lost Legions, by name and reputation.
Griffons Nest, by Heart.
P I N O Y, by Affiliation.
A E Q U I T A S, by blood.
I am a man of many Guilds, Friends, Families.

Happy Gaming!

My only female toon, my cleric

  1. BlueSilence says:

    And here I was pondering “What is a man”… Changing guilds is something I have never experienced… I hope you get more fun there.

  2. PrdPolack says:

    I have changed guilds only once, and that was because my old guild seem to have stagnated to the point where I was the only active player. It was not a decision to be taken lightly, even though I joined the guild through a blind invite (while waiting to begin my FIRST raid ever), I was amazed how some players really went out of their way to help others, guildies or not. But when the guild started to stagnate, to the point where I seemed to be the only one playing semi-regularly, I knew it was time for me to find another guild. It took me a couple of weeks looking, before finding my current guild, and have been semi-active for the past 2 years. Still have tried to remain in contact with some players in old guild, and it even looks like they are starting to come out of stagnation, so maybe I may start a new char for that guild. Undecided at this time.

  3. Finch_Bloomwhiffler says:

    Hey! That’s where the Angry Bald Dude from the Netherese Legacy got to! Hiding in the Monster Manual! 🙂

  4. Glad to see you continuing to blog!

  5. trixies13 says:

    As a member of Griffon’s Nest, I can say you are missed.
    And as ALWAYS, I love reading your posts! Some just don’t understand humor when they see it. Their loss!

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