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So, it’s been a couple days since my last post. Nothing personal, just have other things I must attend to. You know, like stuff that normal people do when they aren’t playing the game, or when they are for that matter. So, I’ll just give you a few updates on what I’ve been up to, in game that is. My personal life isn’t all that entertaining, I promise. Well, unless you consider stuffing my face with doughnuts and coffee at 4am in the morning is hilarious. Nope, but it taste good. Can’t beat a fresh doughnut. I think I’m probably one of the only people insane enough to be up that early though, other than the officers enjoying their early doughnut. Biased, I know… but so true! Go to a Doughnut shop that early and you will always find at least one officer there, always!


So, I got managed to get some friends of mine to sign up for DDO. One of them actually started to play a little bit which was kind of cool. I made a fresh toon so I could run with her, which felt odd. I’ve always started characters at level 4 with Vet status, and lately I’ve had Vet Status II, so if I made a new toon, it would be at level 7. To start out at level 1 was different for me, but I did it. The things you do for friends. I figured, since I introduced her to the game, I’d at least try to give a good impression. We’ll discuss my payment later, Turbine. šŸ˜‰

So, she went through the first part. That little grotto quest, cept I was waiting on the other side for almost a half hour before she finally came through the door. I can’t help but wonder if that was me when I started. I tend to pick up on things rather quick though and her… not so much. So, it didn’t really come as no surprise. I rolled up a Half Elf Artificer while she rolled up a cleric. It seems that every girl I get interested in this game rolls up a cleric first thing. What is with that? Something about women being moreĀ nurturingĀ or something? I guess, but they won’t be for long after playing a Cleric through a few bad PUGs. Seen it before, and I’m sure I’ll see it again.

So, after she finally got out of the Grotto, which I’m sure she died in because she hinted at it. Lucky for her, Celimus had her back. Girls gotta stick together, or at least so I’m told. We didn’t do much. We ran Heyton’s while I dragged her in on Elite. I told her what to do, and she stuck to it and tore our way through those nasty cultist. I tried to give her a few pointers along the way. She seemed to pick up on it fairly well, which was a huge relief. I tried teaching my mother once. Oh dear. That turned out very very odd. I looked on her screen and she was staring down at the floor screaming, “Where are they! I can’t see them!” I wonder why, mother. I wonder why. Long story short, my mother isn’t very coordinated. (Did I mention, she rolled a cleric too?) But, needless to say, she did much better than my mother. We got to the end of the quest and she was like, “I have to go!” I told her to at least wait till we finished but she insisted that she needed to go, so like theĀ chivalrousĀ guy I am, I ran into the final room, ignored all the mobs pounding on me and beat down the altar to finish. She left with a laugh and a, “Thank You!” and of course, her xp for completion. Lucky for me, I managed to make it out alive. My poor untwinked level 1 Arti took a beating in and Elite Heyton’s Rest, but I managed.


I also managed to get my little Cube-let Companion out of the deal! Yay! That takes me up to three little companions to cuddle up with! Well, I’m not sure how the cube would work out. Are they all sticky? Either way, me and my guildies had a few good laughs. My Guildy whom normally likes to do ‘unspeakable’ things to my poor little Sniffer, wouldn’t have anything to do with my Cube-let. He’s been angry with me because of seeing less of Sniffer, though truth be told, I bring my Cube-let out on purpose when he is around. >:3 I still need to think of a good name for him, but that will come with time! Other than that… my Guildies just refer to him as Sniffer’s poo and yells at me to clean ‘That Stuff’ up off the Guild Ship.

Other than that, I did more Shroudage. Got ANOTHER Large Devil Scale. I seem to get them every run. This is fortunate. I took the liberty to post one on the Auction House and made some good money off it. šŸ˜€ I don’t look so poor now. Of course, with great money, comes lots of friends asking for some! What can I say? I probably owe most of them anyways. Haha.

Until Next time…



A Rogue’s Day Out

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Perceptive Gaming


In an attempt to give myself a break from the TR grind, I’ve been playing on a lot of lowbie alts lately. It’s been pretty interesting. One of the more interesting ones have been my rogue though. I went from playing a Hate Tank ‘Grrrr, I KEEEL U’ Monk with high survivability between heal scrolls, AC, Shadow fade, and 600+ HP to my lowly rogue with just over 100 HP, which I’d say is pretty good for a level 7 rogue, seeing as I’ve seen worse. My survivability includes jumping, Tumbling, sneaking, bluff, and Diplomacy. Not exactly what I’d call Top Tier stuff, but it works. I suppose I could have went Half Elf, but I have always enjoyed the Halfling race. I always feel so ‘free’. Such a big world and I’m just a tiny halfling. What class suits a halfling better than a Rogue? And Oh my Goodness, the Sneak attack damage is amazing. When I can get it in. Bluff has become my best friend in the whole world!

So, I ran my Halfling Rogue today, obviously. Quest included things like Proof is in the Poison and Carnival Chain. Yay! Rogue happy quest! No. Just No. I thought it was going to be easy, but I got put in charge of doing all the work at some point. Not sure when, but it just kind of happened. Today I joined one of my Guildies on his lowbie he was trying to level. A Druid. Yay healz!? Nope. He had Vigor, I think. That was about it. Dwarfs like to tick me off. Plus, he happens to be that ONE guildy that likes to do ‘unspeakable’ things to my poor little Winter Wolf Pup. So, I had to hide him.

Proof is in the Poison ended up being my little ole’ Rogue, my Guildy Druid, A random Pugging Sorc who had the urge to fling himself into the midst of combat and die and then a hireling cleric. Oreth, I think it was. The first time, my Guildy had some ‘pay back’ he wanted to give me. So, while I was uncovering that first trap, my guildy flung the lever and I was diced into a million little pieces. Don’t Kill your guildies in PVP with one hits on your dark monk with touch of death. They remember that stuff. They’ll get you back. Eventually.

Second time, the Sorcerer died like a room or two in. Yay! Pocket party members! So, we dragged him along to the shrine, or shall I say, I did. My Guildy decided to go AFK for a few, and left his hire and cleric on me. Fine, I said. I whipped out my shield wand and resist acid and ventured forth! I always say, if you can make yourself immune to Acid and MagicĀ MissilesĀ in that quest, then you are already immune to most of everything that quest really has to harm you. You still have to watch the caster swinging hypnotism though. Lucky for me, I was hidden most of the time. I just snuck around, with the hire and pup on my tail. They drew the aggro of mobs, and I snuck up on the casters, swinging my tiny blades in all the right places, taking them down with ease, then jumped and tumbled between the crowd of fighting to my next target taking them down with ease, One by one. If one turned toward me, a quick bluff took care of them. “Hey! Is that a sexy Dwarf lady!” They turned. Joke is on them. There are no Sexy Dwarf Women.

Eventually, my Guildy caught up and we got to the shrine. We dropped our pocket caster off and headed off, though he would probably been better off in my pocket. Moments later. *Ding* followed by *Ding* followed by *Ding*. We could only guess what was killing him. We were sure we cleared the room, but he would eventually catch up. I’m not sure when. Probably sometime near the last room where we tore the boss apart. Seriously, A Sexy Dwarf Lady bluff will work every time. It’s just so unbelievable that it actually works. Probably not a good idea to do it if there is a dwarf lady in our party though. I’ll have to remember to switch stuff around. Wouldn’t want a burly Dwarf lady barbarian to suddenly become hostile. Bluffs like that won’t work on them. It tends to have the opposite effect. There was this cousin of a cousin of mine. *Tsk Tsk*


Finally we went into Carnival Chain, except, we didn’t get to take any rides. They were infested with Teiflings. Go figure. I knew clowns were creepy. A Small Problem, which is known probably to be the hardest actually turned into the easiest one for us somehow. The Chapterhouse was a pain, specifically at the spiked hallway. We had no true seeing, and guess what!? We killed every single mark in there down to the last one, which ended up being the real one. *Grumble* You can only imagine the time it took to just get past that. By the end of it, I think we were all a little annoyed. Oh, we didn’t have the Sorcerer at that point. We have a Cleric, bard, and a Monk that joined us. No real ranged characters. It was a sad sight to see. We were finally happy to get the quest done, when we received the key in the last chest. Most of us said ‘NO WAY!’ but ONE of us get going on about chest and loot and all that hum bug stuff. Ok, it was me. I guess there is no point in hiding my rogue nature. I like Loot.

Harharhar! So, there we were in the Vault Room! *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding*. Let’s move on.

The Rogue took himself a break though. I was just too wiped. Not really, but I needed to take a trip to the store. So my party took off to do the quest, and they finished as I got back. Lucky me, I had already done it. So, we moved on. By this time, we were down to Me, My Guildy Druid, A Cleric, A Monk, and a Hire Cleric.

At that point, is when we actually went to the Carnival. There was Flame throwers, Doggies on balls, Strong man bells, All sorts of Illusionist and of course, a Succubus bent on destroying us all. I don’t thinK I would have minded though. There are worst ways to die than at the hands of a very attractive Succubus. Not today though! I was set to work on disabling traps left and right until coming across a band of magicians who locked themselves inside boxes and put swords through them! I always enjoyed that trick, but I’ll never enjoy it again. Not after having several running after me wanting my brains. “Take the Dwarf!” I screamed. The dwarf could at least look more beefy, even if he did have the smaller brain.

Finally, we got to the big top where we fought this sexy- er… Malicious Succubus. She died. It was sad to see her go, but we got loot! Yay Loot! My End reward happened to be the Runearm from that chain, which was nice as that was probably the only thing out of that chain that I didn’t already have. I already have most of the low level runearms, so that added nicely to my collection. Maybe one of these days, I’ll actually play my Artificer. So, my rogue had his fun for the day after being cooped up for so long doing nothing. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll head back to my main and continue my grind there. Perhaps another time, my faithful Rogue. Another time.


Until next time….!!! What characters do you like to play in your ‘off’ time?

While We Wait

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Perceptive Gaming

I hate those days where it feels like I’m doing more waiting than anything else. I jumped on my Sorcerer for a change to help a guildy out with Delara’s. I was one of the last to join, so we went in pretty quick, only for the trapper to suddenly have to leave because of ‘Lag’. Fun. With the upped ante on Elite traps, we don’t have much of a choice but to wait for a trapper to join. We ended up losing our healer in the midst of waiting and so we needed both a trapper and healer, Which if anyone knows how waiting for those can be… then you know it was a while before we got into the quest. So, what did I do in the meantime? Well… What does a DDO player do while waiting for a quest to begin?

Winter Wolf Pup on Airship

Obviously, standing on the airship playing with your pet is the most common occurrence. It is such a simple little thing, but so enjoyable to watch do their little tricks and whatnot. That is until, a random guildy comes up and tries to do ‘unspeakable’ things to your cute little pet. :/ We all have THAT guildy. The guy that you think might have some problems up in the head. If you don’t, then you’re that guy. Back to the topic at hand, It is easy access to your ship buffs and once the quest starts, you can just pop over to whatever house your quest is in or near.


There is also the option of sitting in a pool of water and relaxing. This of course, if you are in a Guild high enough to have one. I am not, so this isn’t an option. Some of you Warforged might want to avoid the chance of getting all rusty anyways. Not recommended unless you are fleshy. Don’t let your pets in the water, unless you want guildies yelling at you for the water suddenly becoming a little ‘TOO’ warm or brown. Potty trained or not, EVERYONE takes a leak in the water at some point.


Fashion shows with your pets can be extremely fun too. Take Mr. Malphunktion here and his mustache. Makes him look so very sophisticated. You know, for a Kolbold.

If you are more of a logistical person, then of course you COULD just go around making sure you have all your scrolls, pots, wands, components, and ect. Search the Auction Houses for some goodies, or just check out different stores around Stormreach to see what you can find there. Get that type of stuff out of the way that you will probably do later anyways. It’ll save you some to get some more XP! When, you know, your not waiting around.

But, what I like to do while waiting, is just catch up on a few Zs. The fresh air of the airship, makes for a relaxing place, if you aren’t terribly afraid of heights and the occasional creak and groan of wood soaring through the air held up by some strange magic that you hardly understand.


I wouldn’t recommend altars though. They can be a bit… uncomfortable.

Until Next time, What do YOU do in your spare time?

Kobay, in the Flesh!

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Perceptive Gaming

So, it’s been a bit since I posted anything here and figured I should do so again. I mean, the last time I did a post, Dysic was in his second life, now he is almost 19 in his third life, except his name is changed to Kobay now. I found the name more suiting, for obvious reasons. ^-^

This is my 3rd and probably final life as a monk with him. I’ve had lots of fun with him for the past few lives, but I’m thinking it is time to move on, though it is gonna be tough. I’m at the point now that I’m already tanking, healing, rezzing, and smashing boxes to my heart’s content. I have more hp than 90% of the people that join my groups, which is nice… Oh, don’t forget DPS. I could probably be doing a bit better, but for a monk, I’m not doing half bad. Probably because of my 2 monk past lives and my active past life feat that really beefs up my damage. With my Oremi’s necklace and pumping out Stunning fist and Touch of Death left and right, I’d say not bad at all. Better than most even, given a one on one. So, in all… it’s gonna be a tough one to drop and move on.

Moving on to other things, there is a crazy fear of theĀ HarbingerĀ ofĀ MadnessĀ chain on Sarlona. Not exactly the chain, but In the Flesh on Elite. No one wants to run it!!! I ended breaking my streak on it JUST to get the quest done because no one wanted Elite. Now I wish I had waited, because me and a bunch of Guildies ran it today and blew the quest away. It was a bit rough, but we managed. The tricky part was getting far enough away from the beholders to get our healer up with a scroll after succumbing to fatal blows from a crowd of trash and a beholder or two on him. It was fun though. I made fun of him, we laugh and then we kicked the bosses’ butt. It’s just plain crazy how much of a difference can be made between PUGing and just a Ā bunch of Guildies. More organized, I guess? Psh… Can’t be it. LMAO.

Until next time…