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A (not so) cute Completion

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“So a group of Adventurers walk into a bar… again”

This last Wednesday, I had the opportunity and pleasure of running Acute Delirium with Jerry (Cordovan), our DDO Community Specialist, in DDO’s live twitch stream on Ghallanda. It was fun, albeit very painful. I forgot how annoying that quest can be if you’re just not ready for it. Luckily, we did have a level 28 cleric, Budstein with us, who kept us alive throughout! Thanks Budstein! However, it was still a rough ride and I think the only person with more deaths than me was Jerry. Poor guy. By the end of it, all his equipment had been broken or nearly broken. Thank goodness for Paladin’s equipment saving enhancement that I happened to have just to work up toward my divine might enhancement.

I didn’t find the Monsters in that quest all that tough, specially when I was able to get my sneak attack in, but the Frost beholders seemed to me what was killing us with their ice attacks that were hitting us for an easy 200+ damage a pop, not to mention they were downing our precious bookcases and beds in a matter of a single shot or so. The horror! I later realized some tips that people were posting on doing the quest included Invisibility on the bookcases, ect, when I looked back at the stream and Jerry had been talking. I wish he said something in chat about it. :/ I totally forgot about that! He logically assumed, no casters = no invis, but I had a stack full of invis scrolls for a reason. Casters still would have helped make the quest a lot easier though. And as Sincletica pointed out to me last night as well… so would have monks. haha! Of course.

But we had what we had, and me managed anyways. Toward the end of the bookcase march, I focused primarily on reconstructing the bookcases and let everyone else handle the trash. I was gonna die reconstructing those things, if I had to! It worked. I was excited, and we made it to Kyber where we faced down the giant Beholder and retrieved the mimic. (PSA: When you are smashing the beholder’s Ganglia, make sure to have some Acid resist. >.< Whew.. I almost fell to a giant spray of acid a couple of times.) That’s one of those quest I don’t run very often, and I had forgotten why. It was still a pleasantly good time though, and all of us withstood till the end, even if Jerry did seem a little nervous toward the end. Haha.

If you want to see the full video, you can watch it at

You can of course, catch it live every Wednesday at Noon EST. He’ll be around to different servers as well, so you can also catch him live and join up with his group yourself!


Ermahgerd Trading cards!

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“I found you, Lolth Card! Muhahaha!”

I’m suddenly reminded of my high school days playing card games like Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh, and other such card games that I just couldn’t get enough of. Now, these D&D cards are not quite like that, but they do have their perks, and I most definetely can’t get enough of them! Between all the cool items, and pretty good plat price you can get on them, it’s a killer deal! This especially goes for Ezike, the Bladeforged stick build I have on Ghallanda.

Ghallanda!? I thought you played on Sarlona! I do… However, as of late, I’ve stretched across servers and have been playing in G-Land as well. Those that follow my twitter feed (@DDOKobay) probably already know this. Anyways, long story short, Ezike was flat broke before the cards came along. Now, not so much. 🙂 Plus I managed to get him a complete set of +3 ability tomes plus plenty of +3 skill tomes and some other wonderful fluff on top of a large margin of plat. Woot!

Anyways, that is in all more recent news. Other than that, if you are curious about my playing on Ghallanda, and why… well, it’s mostly due to Sarlona’s grouping scene. It bites. XD I can’t put it much more plain than that. Well, at least it does for my new schedule. I’ve switched to a more… European schedule as of late with classes and work and such. Sadly, can’t be helped. However, that doesn’t mean I’ve dropped Sarlona completely out. I still play there, and most often with Guildies. I’m so glad to be back up to the epic levels, so I can continue to participate in our Fraidnights, even if I can’t stay the entire time. Sadly, not only is Friday raid nights for my guild, but also my girl’s night off. So, she considers it her night as well.

Needless to say, to me, Friday nights are “Pushing my luck nights”.

Anyways, in future plans… I’ve toyed with the idea of other servers. I really just enjoy meeting people and playing with them. Due to Sarlona being such a small server these days, I haven’t had much of that. Ghallanda always has an influx of new players, so that’s nice, but I’m still curious about other servers. I do know some cool guys over on Thelanis (Shout out to my old static group mates), but I really haven’t been there in a long while. Of course, I do know people on the forums, but that doesn’t count, right? I mean… that’s maybe 10% or even less of the entire DDO population. Not to mention, well… we won’t mention that. 😀

That’s all I have to say for today, I think. I should remind myself to post here more often though. I always have stuff I want to post, but never do… I should stop that, right? The not posting it part. Haha. Anyways, if you are on Ghallanda, hit me up! The name is Ezike. Kobay was unfortunately taken.