A Monk Story

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There once was a Gimpy first life Drow Cleric weidling at what time he thought was the best weapon ever! A simple Adamantine Rapier, that he became so fond of, he even bound it to himself so he’d never lose his precious sword. This Cleric weilded his gimpy rapier with majesty, flailing it at every Kolbold and sewer urchin he found, while trying to make sure his party members didn’t die off on him either. Truth was though, he was a HORRIBLE healer. It didn’t matter to him though. He thought he did awesome, as long as he had his precious rapier by his side and a cure light wounds in his pocket.

Then one faithful evening, he and a party of adventurers traveled out into the Cereluen hills to stick it to some hobgoblins that were up to no good. It was tough, but back then normal difficulty was as high as you needed to go to be tough on a gimpy little cleric and his precious rapier. However, there was one adventurer that stood out in his party like no other! He slayed the hobgoblins like it was nothing and jumped and leaped around like he was hyped up on 20 cans of some strong tonic and energy drinks.

The gimpy little cleric, amazed by this strange adventurer’s abilities, stuck close to him, ensuring he himself wouldn’t perish in the maddness of assault the hobgoblins had set up for the crew. He watched closely as this man didn’t even have his OWN rapier to use! Matter of fact, he used no weapons at all, other than his fist! From that day, he kept a close eye on other adventurers that he ran across like the man prior. Always watching and wondering. Can I do that too? Then he learned of a place called the Turbine store where he could purchase such miraculous feats of abilities!

So, the gimpy little cleric went to work, scavenging all the rare and valuable currency that they called Turbine points in order to gain the abilities he saw in these ‘monks’. He practiced even with his own fist, only to find out he wasn’t so good at it. So, he continued on gathering his points, his trusty rapier by his side, slaying anything he could find, and hoping he wouldn’t get lost along the way as the dungeons and adventures just got bigger and BIGGER!

Still, he managed to get lost. He even got stuck near shrines in a place called Tempest Spine, while his party went up and defeated the massive giant at top. It wasn’t till the end that a lone dwarf descended the mountian to help him reach the top and gather his share of the loot from the chest. He wasn’t sure he deserved it, but he was grateful none-the-less. He hadn’t even gotten to see the Giant.

Still, he finally reached his goal of gathering enough Turbine points to finally purchase this Monk class and managed to even catch it on sale. It was like Destiny! So, the gimpy little cleric shed his armor, and tossed aside his trusty admantine rapier that he hoped would one day help another adventurer such as himself to acheive his/her dreams to be bigger and better, and he became the Monk he had always wanted to be!


Tons of Monk levels later, I’m still in love with the class. Kobay himself, packing 3 monk past lives alone, not to mention all the first life monks I’ve played throughout my Dungeons and Dragons online carreer. I thought I’d share this little story today after running with a first lifer last night starting in on his first Monk. I was pleased to help him and offer any advice I could, and even felt confident in my advice. If I know any class like the back of my hand, it’s the Monk class.

And well, that got me thinking of when I first fell in love with the Monk. The above story is completely true, to much of my nooby shame, but a lot of good experiences came out of it. It wasn’t till a year or two later that I decided to sign on to a VIP subscription and continue forward in my adventures, but I don’t regret any of it. 🙂 If it wasn’t for my experience with the Monk class, I probably wouldn’t have been into this game so much. I was happy to finally earn it and excited every time I play it.

I’m adventuring now with Kobay, and although he already has his 3 monk past lives, I feel the need to continue on, and thus my creating of Kobot, the crazy Robo-Rodeo Monk which I will surely enjoy until the day Kobay gets all his past lives in and adventures back into the class he first began. The Awesome MONK!

P.S. The thing with the Rapier: I came from a very limited background, MMO wise, where the only game I ever really played was being suckered into playing Runescape by my brother way back in the day. And if anyone knows about old-school runescape, Adamantine weapons were like one of the best things to get ahold of for a Free to Play member. Haha. Silly me. I guess, we all start somewhere. 😀

Anyways, that’s my Monk story! 😀

If you are reading this and have a Monk Story, please share! I’d love to hear it! ^.^

  1. teachersyn says:

    I love the Monk class so much…I wrote a manual for it. 🙂

  2. geoffhanna says:

    My favorite part comes if you take Cleave. Time it right and you can jump up and kick your enemy in the face. IN THE FACE!

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