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Healers Love a Sexy Monk

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Perceptive Gaming

Just got finished flagging for Tor, and did that on Dysic. He is up to level 15 right now, but that is probably more thanks to my Greater Learning tome on him. 😀 I’ve been rolling the XP in with him. Which isn’t the only thing I’ve been rolling in lately. I’ve hit very close to 200% Heal Amp on him, and Radiant Servant aura on a cleric has been able to keep him up with ease on top of Curse of Healing, and Vampiric Stonedust wraps. I kind of wish I had better AC and saves though than he does have. Oh well… I got that planned for next life, which will be probably my 3rd Monk life.

Scary thought, because I’m not sure what I’ll go for after my monk lives are done. I’ll probably stick to him for a while before TRing though. But… that is all next life business. I shall focus on this life for now! For now, I’m just rolling in the XP, Heals, and hopefully some gear. I got a lot of it that I’m hoping to get. Even got me a list. Who knows? I’ve been too lazy for trades in the past… but I might pick up on it and see what I can get out of it. :p I have lots of stuff that are useless to me right now… just gathering up in my bank and bank toons. XD

Anyways… off to do something else! Like… maybe flag for shroud. >.> I always dread flagging stuff.