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It’s been 2 month since I played DDO at all, and 4 months since I’ve been on my Main Character, Kobay. Recently, I managed to settle a deal with a pretty decent company and get my internet turned on in my new place. One of the first things I did was Update DDO and log on. Of course, eh? What else would you do? There are several things I notice right up front and none of them have anything to do with updates, though there are some of those too.

First off, it’s been 2 months! I hardly remember where any of my hotkeys are are coordinate my fingers to move around like I used to. Sad story. I managed though and of course, I’m sure I’ll get back into the hang of it with time, but I’m still not satisfied. I feel like marching around my house with a picket sign saying, “FREE KOBAY!” (Which is not only my Gamer tag I go by, but my Main Character’s name.) Now, Kobay happens to be a Druid/Monk Half Elf. I do not have access to either Druid nor Half Elf since I turned off my subscription 4 months ago at the request of my woman. (The things we do for love.)

A lot of it also had to do with the fact we were planning on moving fairly soon, although it didn’t end up actually happening till about 2 months later. Still, we needed to scrape up every bit of cash we could. So, Kobay got locked away. ūüė¶ The downsides of the VIP side. Oh well.

Now it is close to the end of the month and she is waiting till the beginning of next month to turn my subscription back on. Something about ‘time frames’ and I don’t know. Women. So picky about how they do things. Basically she wants to make sure that when my subscription fee comes up, it’s always at the beginning of the month, cause she doesn’t trust me with leaving the money on our card. (I say “Our” but I mean her’s.)

Regardless, the anticipation is killing me and I can’t wait to get back in on the action I feel like I’ve been missing forever. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my downtime too. I really got a lot accomplished during the time I’ve been away from my favorite addiction, but now that things are settling down, I have a lot of extra time to fiddle my thumbs and count sheep, that I could be using to get a strong dose of kicking Devil and Drow butt. Which is even more exciting, because I feel like I’m now getting a fresh approach to the game. I know it, but at the same time… it’s more refreshing than it was when I stopped a couple months ago.

On top of that, Turbine as changed up the website, I have a new Monitor with a nice resolution, a new Microphone that a friend of mine decided I needed. A good reason to have friends. Free stuff. It’s almost like a totally new game for me, but with the same old classic DDO that I know and love.

Of course there are the few things that have not been so refreshing. The new UI settup that came with the daily dice and such in Update 17 Patch 1 is a little meh. I hate the mail icon being so small. It’s rather annoying. The enhancement stuff, that I had been waiting in anticipation for doesn’t look so great, though I’m not going to jump the bandwagon on that just yet. It is still in a very early stage and A LOT could change before it even goes live. I’ll just bite my tongue for now. There are some neat enhancement changes though, regardless. The forum change, I’m a little on the fence about. Some odd stuff, but it does look more professional.

And of course, My.DDO is finally gone. You will be missed, my friend.

R.I.P. My.DDO April 29th, 2013


A DDOAnonymous Meeting

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Hello, My name is Kobay.

(Waits for everyone to say “Hello Kobay”)

It has been about a two months give or take since my last Dungeon. (Everyone claps, and I mutter some¬†derogatory¬†words under my breath) Now, this ‘lapse’ without being in game has not been of my own free will. I will admit that much. The issue is, I’ve been in a really long process. The process may or may not include lots of drinking of alcohol and overworking myself on other days. That’s all besides the point.

First off, my Subscription was shut off. I mean, it wasn’t like I COULDN’T play, but it just wasn’t the same. I could log on to one of my completely free characters and throw a sword around or something and it was all fine and dandy, but it wasn’t my main. There was no way I could take the same risk and solo dungeons as easily with a simply first life toon with nothing other than what I managed to shift over to him before my subscription ended. Just. Not. The. Same.

Now the question you might ask is, Why did I do that in the first place? Either that or you already assume that like many other people, I’ve just decided to rage quit and try to move on from that. But then… why of course, if that was the case, why am I still writing this? Well, the truth is… I just didn’t have the extra cash. Yes, the monthly expenses weren’t that much and I should have been able to make it by, but between trying to move and having some issues with my credit card company… well… I just decided to cut it off till I could get in a better situation.

The second issue was Moving. Ha. That has been ridiculous. Makes me wish I has started off with a better Str and Con. The family isn’t too much help when it comes with that kind of thing, so I pretty much did all the moving myself. I say DID, cause yes, I am finally finished with that little project. The place looks nice and everything, and my computer is sitting in a corner ready to get back in on the action.

As much as I love to. That’s where my 3rd problem has arrived. Internet. The place I moved is PICKY about which internet company I can go with. The issue beyond that, is that SO AM I. (Curses my luck) I have a very deep hatred for some companies in my area, mostly based on internet performance. Hey… I’m a nerd. I am allowed to be picky with these kinds of things.

(Realizes no one else is amused)

So, it is just a matter of time now. Hoping I can get a good deal and then get back in the action! And more importantly, get back to Friday night Raids and ect with my Guild and getting wasted sitting at my computer.

(Blank Stares)

Why am I even here? I don’t even want to quit DDO. I only have done so based on circumstances. Screw you guys.

(My stuffed animals stare in silence.)

Yea. That’s what I thought.