A (K)night in Necropolis

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I am the Night! I er… It’s a Bunny hat guys! Come on! It just looks kind of batman-esque is all. Though, I guess with Evasion, UMD, Intimidate, Open Lock; Kobot is kind of a batman build anyways, so it works!

I tend to take lots of random screenshots while getting ready to post a new blog. And since I did a lot of Necropolis in the last week, I’ve got a lot of images from there. Some I have no idea why I even took them. :/ Some are a little more neat, like this one I’m currently using as my avatar on Twitter and my wordpress, of course.

Anyways, most of my past week as been stuck facing down the undead. Last week, I finished up TOR with Kobay, killing dragons and gawking at the high drop rate of dragon scales now. I was lucky to even see one before. Before I started back, I had 1 black and 1 white scale that had been sitting in my bags doing nothing. Now I have a whole stack of each. I’ll probably make some armors for my new characters, Like Kobot who is currently level 10, already enough xp for nearly 12 and still fashioning his Blademark’s Docent. It’s a pretty nice docent for low levels, but I think starting to get a bit outdated.

I didn’t have to worry about that yesterday anyways, as the only Docent I was worried about wearing was a Deathblock Docent! Kobot took on the Beholders of ‘The Prisoner’ and ‘Tomb of the Shadow Knight’ alone with Fayden, I peculiar hireling who has a knack for NOT dying in traps, which Ithought was pretty neat for a hire. Believe me, I thought there were a couple close calls, particularrly in Shadow Knight where I was just overwhelmed by the sheer number of shadows I had to fight and try to keep off of my hire at the same time. Good reason to have Intimidate. Keep in mind, he is a first-lifer, so he doesn’t have all the particular advantages of being a TR.
However, I’ve tweaked him out as much as I possibly could. Not a whole lot, considering he still has lots of underleveled gear, even the goggles from Korthos, but hey. Everything considering, he’s doing pretty good for himself.


Meanwhile, while Kobot has been focusing on Necro 2, Kobay has been duking it out with the Orchard and flagging for Ascension. Luckily, as usually… he had a lot of the sigils already for Litany and has been focusing on grinding out XP in Litany. Though to be fair, not all my time has been spent in Necro. I can only take SO much undead before I get sick of it. There has been plenty of Delirium too. Have to get my drinking humor on. Again, Sarlona doesn’t respond to my humor. :/


I think maybe they were thinking it was suppose to be LV. 21+, I don’t know. I hate boring LFMs, so I really wish they would be more receptive of my humor. Oh well. I always got the Defense channel, as Samius has pointed out to me. Been a part of that for a while, but rarely use it. I think it’s because it usually works better if you are in your Epic levels and high leveled content. Leveling up, just doesn’t seem like many people are there trying to do that. Soo… I stick to my LFMing. At least till my higher levels.


On that note, the new slots are looking pretty interesting. It’s even upgraded some items from before. I orignally had a boots on Innocence which I think had 15% striding, and now with the slot, has an extra 5% boost. At least I hope that is accurate and not just a bug. :/ Still, I’ve seen other items that seem somewhat upgraded now with the slots, some more than others. Which is cool, cept for the f=act that you now realize you should go back through and find that gear you had before and see what’s changed on it. Haha. >.< You know, if you are up for it.

  1. Empress Mizzaroo says:

    Don’t lie! That’s batman and you know it!! Bunny helm my butt end!

  2. geoffhanna says:

    The site looks great!

  3. teachersyn says:

    Flagging for Abbot? You poor bastard.
    But you do have that Bunnyman…er…Batman thing going for ya. Good luck out there.

    • Kobay says:

      I’ve been making it a kinda of *Tradition* to flag and run it at least ONCE each life before I TR, just for the ***fun of it. Haha. And to see what I can miraculously pull. Which is NADA yet. XD

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