Kobay, in the Flesh!

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Perceptive Gaming

So, it’s been a bit since I posted anything here and figured I should do so again. I mean, the last time I did a post, Dysic was in his second life, now he is almost 19 in his third life, except his name is changed to Kobay now. I found the name more suiting, for obvious reasons. ^-^

This is my 3rd and probably final life as a monk with him. I’ve had lots of fun with him for the past few lives, but I’m thinking it is time to move on, though it is gonna be tough. I’m at the point now that I’m already tanking, healing, rezzing, and smashing boxes to my heart’s content. I have more hp than 90% of the people that join my groups, which is nice… Oh, don’t forget DPS. I could probably be doing a bit better, but for a monk, I’m not doing half bad. Probably because of my 2 monk past lives and my active past life feat that really beefs up my damage. With my Oremi’s necklace and pumping out Stunning fist and Touch of Death left and right, I’d say not bad at all. Better than most even, given a one on one. So, in all… it’s gonna be a tough one to drop and move on.

Moving on to other things, there is a crazy fear of the Harbinger of Madness chain on Sarlona. Not exactly the chain, but In the Flesh on Elite. No one wants to run it!!! I ended breaking my streak on it JUST to get the quest done because no one wanted Elite. Now I wish I had waited, because me and a bunch of Guildies ran it today and blew the quest away. It was a bit rough, but we managed. The tricky part was getting far enough away from the beholders to get our healer up with a scroll after succumbing to fatal blows from a crowd of trash and a beholder or two on him. It was fun though. I made fun of him, we laugh and then we kicked the bosses’ butt. It’s just plain crazy how much of a difference can be made between PUGing and just a  bunch of Guildies. More organized, I guess? Psh… Can’t be it. LMAO.

Until next time…

  1. Micki says:

    🙂 It’s not just Sarlona, I had the same problem on Orien. No one wants to do In the Flesh elite on level.

  2. Kobay says:

    😀 I figured as much, but I can’t turn down a challenge. I knew I was going to do it at level at some point. XD I just had to. I ended up getting a Sustaining Symbiot out of it. That is totally going in my bank for a Caster life.

    #Worth it

  3. Micki says:

    🙂 cool. Congraz.

  4. Thoriek says:

    It’s really in all servers. In my actual wizard life I’ve done it on level, but you really need a good group to end the final battle without wipe.

  5. Kobay says:

    I somehow remember that quest being easier though. Perhaps when it first came out. It must have been amped up since then. I will make a successful pug run of this eventually.


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