While We Wait

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Perceptive Gaming

I hate those days where it feels like I’m doing more waiting than anything else. I jumped on my Sorcerer for a change to help a guildy out with Delara’s. I was one of the last to join, so we went in pretty quick, only for the trapper to suddenly have to leave because of ‘Lag’. Fun. With the upped ante on Elite traps, we don’t have much of a choice but to wait for a trapper to join. We ended up losing our healer in the midst of waiting and so we needed both a trapper and healer, Which if anyone knows how waiting for those can be… then you know it was a while before we got into the quest. So, what did I do in the meantime? Well… What does a DDO player do while waiting for a quest to begin?

Winter Wolf Pup on Airship

Obviously, standing on the airship playing with your pet is the most common occurrence. It is such a simple little thing, but so enjoyable to watch do their little tricks and whatnot. That is until, a random guildy comes up and tries to do ‘unspeakable’ things to your cute little pet. :/ We all have THAT guildy. The guy that you think might have some problems up in the head. If you don’t, then you’re that guy. Back to the topic at hand, It is easy access to your ship buffs and once the quest starts, you can just pop over to whatever house your quest is in or near.


There is also the option of sitting in a pool of water and relaxing. This of course, if you are in a Guild high enough to have one. I am not, so this isn’t an option. Some of you Warforged might want to avoid the chance of getting all rusty anyways. Not recommended unless you are fleshy. Don’t let your pets in the water, unless you want guildies yelling at you for the water suddenly becoming a little ‘TOO’ warm or brown. Potty trained or not, EVERYONE takes a leak in the water at some point.


Fashion shows with your pets can be extremely fun too. Take Mr. Malphunktion here and his mustache. Makes him look so very sophisticated. You know, for a Kolbold.

If you are more of a logistical person, then of course you COULD just go around making sure you have all your scrolls, pots, wands, components, and ect. Search the Auction Houses for some goodies, or just check out different stores around Stormreach to see what you can find there. Get that type of stuff out of the way that you will probably do later anyways. It’ll save you some to get some more XP! When, you know, your not waiting around.

But, what I like to do while waiting, is just catch up on a few Zs. The fresh air of the airship, makes for a relaxing place, if you aren’t terribly afraid of heights and the occasional creak and groan of wood soaring through the air held up by some strange magic that you hardly understand.


I wouldn’t recommend altars though. They can be a bit… uncomfortable.

Until Next time, What do YOU do in your spare time?

  1. krissonofpark says:

    In my spare time I dream about what my airship will be like, if I ever get one.

  2. LrdSlvrhnd says:

    I absolutely love that your kobold is named MajMalphunktion.

    OOC: I usually read MyDDO blogs, do stuff on DDOWiki, read teh forums…

    IC: stand around doing nothing because my motivational controller is somehow missing doing other stuff…

  3. legendkilleroll says:

    Haha dont like standing around waiting, i too read the blogs, forum or wiki

  4. Silken-Akira says:

    I only run with my friends (guild) and no waiting there. But i admit we don’t tackle things that high yet.
    always doubting to start joining a group and see how it goes, but hearing about this waiting stuff and seeing how some reactions go against people who are still learning how to function in group decently, I am not sure the motivation will be high enough any time soon.

  5. TorGrimorde says:

    Deconstruct items in the crafting halls, move items into my bank characters, check for equipment I can use on characters that are still wearing stuff they picked up on Korthos (yes that’s happened to me several times!)

  6. Micki says:

    🙂 Well, if I’ve done inventory, checked mail, sold stuff I don’t need, then I’m either chatting with the people in the group or doing slayer. I also usually spam people with tells 😀 If party’s looking for a trapper, I’ll check for available trappers and send them a tell (usually guildies first, but then random people).

  7. Thoriek says:

    I try not to wait too much, always doing things with hires and so, but when it’s not possible, I did a little of all you suggested here. Except maybe the bath thing, but it’s a fun suggestion so maybe i’ll take it next time 🙂

  8. Finch_Bloomwhiffler says:

    Great poat! I’m likely to do crafting, refill on scrolls and supplies, or do another quest while waiting for people to hit the LFM. I can also get totally distracted doing something in RL, which is bad news for DDO playing.

    I think this goes back to waiting 4 hours for an Abbot to fill in my early playing days. It scarred my psyche, so if an LFM or raid hits a 20-30 minute wait, I start to get restless and move on to Plan B.

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