The Path of The Monk – Entry 4 – In The Eyes of Death

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Alodi Bitterleaf

The path of the monk is perilous and full of trials that one must face. I’ve found that one such trial is overcoming one’s self. I can’t really say it is one trial, because it is more than that. We are full of trials that we must overcome. Everything we see and face brings on it’s own luggage. I had been right about the Harbor Master. He too had a task for us and it was not as easy as it had seemed. A few boys get lost in the sewers and we had to go fetch them. Turns out they had bit off more than they could chew. One had made it out barely alive while the other two were being held captive by kolbolds who had infested the sewers and claimed it as their home.

We fought through, facing many traps and hordes of kolbolds who yearned to stop us, yet we kept going and searching. We finally found what appeared to be a leader among them and got him to speak. He didn’t know of one of the boys, but the other was being held in his prison. Without many followers left, we left him to his own grief and found our way deeper into the sewers. We eventually found this Arlos who seemed stirred and not in his right mind. I could only imagine what kind of torture he had to endure. As much as I tried not to let this worry me, I couldn’t help but grieve for the boy.

We took what clues we had and found another clan of Kolbolds in the waterworks. These were even more organized and dangerous than the last. Luckily we were prepared and did what was needed to get through. After we distinguished the leader, we found our way into yet another prison. This time, it was full of death. I worried for the third boy, but all my prayers were in vain as we found the dead corpse of a young boy who simply wanted to adventure in the sewers unaware of what he would find. Searching his body we found marks saying “Shan-To-Kor”. I didn’t know what it meant, but it there was any vengeance for the boy, I would find it.

We searched marketplace for clues as to this ‘Shan-to-Kor’ and ended up finding a man who had lost his family’s signet ring. No doubt valuable to him as a family heirloom. If anyone could get it back, it was us. The man mentioned a sewer system that had been made a hideout for an infamous gang. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Surely it was just a bunch of no good thugs that could be easily dispatched of. I would later find out how wrong I was.

We found our way into the hideout and whipped past traps leading to a a lever that would open the door into the main facilities of the hideout. We stepped in, took care of a few of them and was suddenly bombarded with arrows. Our task that loomed before us stood daunting and laughing in our faces. One by one we fell till the last person went down with a thump. Luckily, we magically found our way out of it thanks to a handy spirit binder we had met in the same tavern where the man who wanted the signet was. After getting out… we prepped to go back in. Even as we did so, I could see the doubt in my comrade’s eyes. Even I admit there was some in me. Regardless we stepped back in a proceeded to where we left off.

Again, we were bombarded with arrows. My comrades started to fall around me when I felt the sting of arrows striking my body and I was suddenly forced to the ground. My body quivered in pain and stared into the face of death… The same face that that boy, Venn must have stared into as before falling into it’s grips. Vengeance boiled up inside we and I knew I couldn’t give up. Even those comrades around me that were still miraculously alive because they hid from the arrows seemed to be facing death in their own ways. I found myself whispering to them nearly unconscious. “I won’t give up. Not like this.” Finally I stood to my feet, pulled a potion from my pouch and chugged it down dropping out of sight of the arrows.

I’m not sure what hit me at this point, but I wasn’t ready to give in. As hopeless as it looked, I was ready to fight to the very end. I jumped back up to the path and ran until slamming my fist into the first archer, who suddenly looked so helpless as he stared at the vengeance in my eyes. He went down. Then another.. and another… I ducked back down drinking a couple more pots and then worked my way even further up the past, trying to ignore the pain of arrows ripping into my skin, threatening to send me straight into the embrace of death. I finally found some casters up top who had been tearing my comrades to pieces. The first went down easy. Suddenly, I was freezing as a storm of sleet rose up around me. As much as I suddenly wanted to give up, I couldn’t. My allies were counting on me. I forced my way through the storm trying to keep my unsteady eyes on the caster who had made the storm. I flung my foot out tripping him onto the ground, then slammed my fist full of vengeance into the man finally taking him out.

After taking out a couple more archers, I pulled the valve holding a door shut, and jumped inside as the shadows of a comrade, Trappur appeared holding the soul stones of our other comrades. He had a sudden twinkle in his eyes as he had apparently been watching me the whole time and was impressed. I myself didn’t realize I had it in me, but I had managed. We found a place to rest and revived our allies and easily took care of the rest of the gang and found the signet. Perhaps one of these days when I came face to face to my father, I hope that I have that same courage… because I know I will need it.

Until then… Shan-To-Kor… I’m coming for you!

  1. Kalari says:

    Awesome stories look forward to hearing the epic battle of Shan-To-Kor 🙂

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