They call me Kobay! Occasionally ‘D’, Tysic, Ko-Ko Bear, or some other crazy uncomfortable names I’m not too proud of, but there it is. I’m what I call a ‘Sarlona Rat’. I’m from Sarlona Server, but don’t think that means you are safe. I love to visit other servers once in a while to mess around. Still, Sarlona is my home and that is right where I belong, with my current Guildies; Lost Legions. Harharhar! Yup, chances are if you are running with me, I’m a Monk, Monk Splash, or some kind of Wannabe Monk. XD What can I say? I love my monks. Though truth be told, I look to one day achieve a Triple TR. You know, just because I can. Well, when the family agrees anyways. Stick around, though I can’t promise anything fancy. I’m a classic stick in the mud DDO Blogger, with bad humor, and a drinking habit. I think I can blame my guild for that last one though. 😉

  1. EvenNote says:

    Hey Kobay! Can I add you to the OurDDO feed? 🙂

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