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Guess who’s back, back again. Kobay’s back, tell a friend! Yea, that’s right! Kobay is back on Sarlona again, wreaking all sorts of havoc against the Giant and monstrous forces of GiantHold! Well, at least that is the goal. Turns out that even though I had done all the Gianthold quest prior to my 4 month absence from playing my favorite toon, with the new changes, I had to RE-FLAG! Which wasn’t too bad considering The Crucible is no longer needed to flag. Of course, I could have just went back through and did them on Casual or Normal for fast completions, but that would be too simple. Let me explain:

First off, it has been 4 months since my last quest with Kobay! I could hardly remember half of my hotkeys or what I even had on him. So, it was kind of a time for rediscovery. Had I started out on Normal, I would have simply button mashed my way through. In this case, I actually had to think some and thus rediscover Kobay once more.

Second, I’m too thick headed and prideful to not do Elite after my long hiatus. Haha. Shameful truth. Even before I had my ‘break’, I could easily be accused of doing stupid stuff just to push what I thought Kobay was capable of doing, not always ending nicely, but many times coming out a glorious victor, thus making all the sour not so thought out times worth it! Heh. So, yea… going in on Elite, this was my train of thought.

It was Fraidnight (Friday Night Raid Night) for my guild, so I was stuck without guildies, who were all on upper level characters, doing raids. Of course, I got invited along, but at the time they were doing Abbot. Long absence and you want me to run an abbot! No thanks! Ha! Ciao. I’ll pass. NO WAY!

BAM! Tossing LFMs up for the first quest that needed to be done, Madstone Crater. Now, I don’t know what happened in my absence, but WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SARLONA!? Where is the love for humor in LFMs that used to be there. I tried again and again and not a single bite. Maybe bad timing? I’d like to think so. But, well… I’ll just show you:

nullFinally, I just did a plain “Madstone, Elite” LFM and what do you know, people joined. Shame on you Sarlona. Shame. That wasn’t even the worst part though. My first group for Madstone was silent. Not a single word was spoken. We ran through the quest pulverizing everything in our path, but it was sooo boring! Maybe I’m just used to grouping with more ‘talkative people’ but the silence was painfully annoying.

Luckily, everyone afterwards left, and I put up a new LFM for the next two. Got a group, run through Prison of Planes and A Cabal for one? Really? They switched out Crucible for THAT! They couldn’t have chosen an easier quest in Gianthold. I was surprisingly shocked to find that as one of the requirements. The quest itself is pretty simple. I’ve soloed it many times on Elite, and the only tricky part is really the boss fight in the end. Other than that, it’s simple. Hobgoblins have never been the strongest bunch, eh.

Anyways… Fast and easy they were done, and I was ready to move onto TOR! At least this party was somewhat more talkative than the last. Of course, I couldn’t. My second party hadn’t done Madstone yet. T.T (Kobay cries inside and contemplates jumping off a bridge.) So, we do it. By this time, it was getting late and I wasn’t going to be able to get a TOR in or write up a blog. (Which is why you are getting this the day AFTER. :p)

Truth is, Gianthold Update or not, I rather get to some more ‘enjoyable’ stuff. Like, Forgotten Realms content for example. ;P But oh well, one step at a time.

P.S. Why do we get some silly floating ribbon for ‘supporting awareness for the Boston Bombing, but LOTRO people get a neat cape. :/ Where is MY cape!?