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Meet Dynic, a character who has been on her first life for longer than I care to recall. Originally rolled up as a nanny-bot, she always took good care of her party members. She could keep a party up and at em with the best of them. So what she couldn’t DPS like the pros or lay down Blade Barriers that smashed foes like a lunatic Favored Soul amped up on Ogre Blood and whatever strange mixes you could find in Ebberon. She was dedicated to her party and that’s all she cared about. Recently, before her TR, she took a +20 and went to a ranger only to TR again shortly after into a ranger once more. A waste of a perfectly good cleric life? Hardly. She learned a lot during that elongated life. She made loads of friends who loved her for just who she was, regardless of how she chose to play and has been through so many changes she makes the rest look like simpletons.

Ok, so she might not be the best character, with the best gear, the best past lives, the best of anything really… but let me tell you what, there is something about Dynic that few can truly understand. Something that makes her special to me…

When Dynic was originally rolled up, she wasn’t my character. No, her handler was someone dear and close to my heart. My little sister. 🙂

She loved DDO and enjoyed the game play till life just got too busy, and although she plays no longer she still has plenty of friends from the game that her and I both enjoy talking to. (Shout out to Moinder and Diwata) You two are awesome and have always made DDO a fun place for both me and her. I can’t ask for much more than that!

The thing about this timing though, is that my little sister is graduating college within the next month, and within the next month, will be the last time I get to speak to her personally for a long time. She is moving across the states to a job opportunity she has. I’m so very proud of her. As her big brother, I’m sad to see her go but she’s always dreamed of getting out of Michigan and pursuing her dreams, so I can’t in no way be mad at her for that. So much like her old character, she is beginning a new life and I am excited for her, for what life has to hold. Decemeber 5th, we are holding Christmas for her and on the 11th, she’ll be gone pursuing a life she has wanted since she was a little girl. I pray that it won’t be our last Christmas together, for who knows what life may hold?

So for whatever changes Dynic may face in the future, my little sister will always be just that, my little sister. As her new life begins, I wish her the best and I always plan to be here for her when she needs me. Though my heart may be sad now, I look forward to the future and what it may bring for both her and me. My wimpy little sister has grown up to be a tough, confident, woman. I can’t ask for much more than that.

I’m proud of you, Sissy.

Always with Love,

Your big Brother. ❤