The Path of The Monk – Entry 3 – The Hills Have Eyes

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Alodi Bitterleaf

The others seemed glad to have me back when I arrived, and it was honestly good to be back with them. At least with them, I felt like everything was in the open and there were no secrets to be had. Something I had to live with constantly when it came to House Lyrandar and my father. We wasted no time getting to work and decided to help a poor woman who seemed scared out of her wits end. This ‘Lady Azdel’ had apparently been kidnapped and the city’s guard had obviously been too busy to even mind. Though, I suppose it is hard to find yourself even wanting to listen to some lady running through the streets screaming her head off. They probably thought she was mad. We decided to look into and went searching in the hills to the south of the Harbor to find where she might be hidden.

The hills were covered in bugbears and hobgoblins just waiting for some poor innocent soul to wander out into their terrain unsuspectingly. We found hints of their work out in some farmland nearby. We stopped by there to find the farmer Nash who was too scared to make his own way to his home. Apparently the hobgoblins and such were threatening him and his home. It set us slightly off track, but we hoped maybe for some clues of this Lady Azdel. We quickly mopped the beast from the farmland with only a couple close calls and saved the man’s house from being burnt to the ground.

After finding nothing of interest, we graciously accepted a reward from the man and went back to searching. Finally we discovered a Grull encampment and decided to check it out. They were instantly hostile, and we defended ourselves as much. It was quite a fight through the outpost, but we finally made it to the main camp where the prisoners were kept. Lady Azdel and two of her lackies were imprisoned, and after we set them free, they were more than helpful taking down the outpost’s commander, ridding Stormreach of yet another problem. I felt kind of sorry for Flashpointe, who obviously had some sort of interest in the Lady, but was more or less turned down. Perhaps the next lady in distress will be more pleasing toward him. I didn’t really say to much to him about it, figuring it was none of my business… plus by the time we got back to the Harbor, we had more important things to worry about. Harbor Master Zin had summoned for us. Probably to put us to work like everyone else in this forsaken city who was crying about one thing or another. Well, I suppose someone needs to put their foots down and defend the innocent.


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