The Path of The Monk – Entry 2 – A Date With Fate

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Alodi Bitterleaf

Alodi didn’t know what Lyrandar expected from him. He had spent all those years in Adar without contact from them and then out of no where they had decided to pull him from his home for all these years and were sending him into the hellhole of the world. As far as he was concerned, it was a death sentence. He had heard the stories of Xen’drik. It was a battle ground for adventurers fighting the corrupt and ancient evils that haunted the continent. Though most of them sought only fame and fortune, very few would find it, and even fewer would survive the evils they were forced to face. Just my luck

He turned peering out the porthole of the ship into the deep sky. He wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of his death. Xen’drik was a dangerous place, but he would do whatever he needed to do to survive. They hadn’t even given him any specifics of why he was going there, just that there were evils there that needed to be dealt with. Everyone who heard stories from Xen’drik knew that much. Though they did have some sort of civilization there, most of the place was just rural areas full of monsters of all sorts waiting to haunt his dreams. The only reason he was on his way now, was because he wanted to know what his father had to do with this. His father who had been nothing but an oddity in his life was flaring back into it with this move.

Alodi closed his eyes feeling his ki moving through his body. It was suddenly that he felt something pierce it. He opened his eyes quickly starting out the window to catch the glimpse of something suddenly pass by the porthole. “Dragon!”, he heard one of the crew members above deck scream. Before he heard anything else, the boat suddenly cracked and darkness washed over him. Just my luck.

The glass came to his mouth as he stared into the darkness of the tavern waiting.

If he hadn’t been washed up onto Korthos, none of this would have been happening now, and who knows what might be left of that little village now. After falling off the ship, he’d been saved by a quick witted wizard who was casting spells left and right on several other passengers who had been on the ship. Luck would have it that these same passengers would become his allies in defending the village of Korthos. Why he had decided to join them, he wasn’t sure, but they had purpose and that was all he needed to know he was doing the right thing. Together they squashed the Cultist and Sahuagin that had a tight grip on the people, and even when they came face to face with the dragon once again, purpose had filled them.

Luckily with all their work, they had managed to secure passage to Stormreach. Alodi pulled his hand into a fist, gripping the cup tight. Although the little group they had formed in Korthos had been successful, there were some things he had to do on his own. He had left a note with Flashpointe, the wizard that had saved him and the others… who was know kind of an unannounced leader of the group. After sneaking off the ship, he was left sitting here in the tavern just waiting. Surely he would be here soon.

Just as he had seemingly been called, the shadows bent and a lengthy Half-elf erupted from the shadows. Alodi wondered momentarily how long he had been there, but the thought was gone as fast as it came and the rogue sat in the seat across from him. The man’s lips thinned before expressing a crude smile. “Hello brother.” the rogue spoke. Alodi laughed at his luck.

The conversation was short and yet oddly felt cruel. No doubt his father’s hand in things. Alodi walked from the tavern with a new sense of purpose. His own sense of it. Now he needed to find the others. Whatever sense of loneliness he had felt before with the group was now gone. Fate had dealt him a twisted hand, but he was going to make of it what he could.


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